When I met Madilyn and her mom about her senior portraits she told me she wanted something different, something unique.  After talking with her over coffee, we both knew there was no better way to show of Madilyn’s creative and fun personality than with some out of the box portraits (and some that mom will […]

Something I love about being a photographer is all the things I am lucky enough to see. I want to see everything there is out there. I love being able to travel all over the country and through the midwest, visiting all the little towns along the way. There’s so much beauty out there and […]

Meet the BeVelle Family! They are big Harry Potter fans, love telling jokes and are just a fun group of witches and wizards! I was lucky enough to catch up with them for a mini session in downtown Columbia. We  met by the super cool mural on Hitt Street near Ragtag Theater. Downtown Columbia has some great […]

Many years ago (more than I’d like to think about) Rocky and I went to high school together. We went to a small high school in St. Louis, one you may not be familiar with, so almost everyone knew each other. Rocky and I weren’t close friends, but we’d share acknowledging smiles, both of us […]

Meet the Jokerst Family! They like the color blue, Blues Clues, being active in sports of all kinds and have great interior design taste! I was lucky enough to spend a quick morning with them and take some photos during a super fun mini-session in their neighborhood. While my GPS failed me in reaching their house, […]

Liz and Eric are kind, quiet and wonderfully fun people. They met online, though neither were sure that something would come of it. Lucky enough for them, and for their friends and family, something did. The wedding was intimate and perfect. Friends and family traveled from nearby St.Louis towns and many hailed from Nebraska, where […]

As you may have seen on my Facebook, I’ve had something in the works for awhile and that’s my senior rep program. I’ve always loved portraits and senior portraits seemed like a natural fit. To kick of the program, I had the pleasure of having five gorgeous ladies and four handsome guys, as my Senior […]

Meet the Bayer Family and here’s the Bayer Facts. They like going to Cardinals games, eating ice cream, Taylor Swift, taking Harry Potter quizzes and endless runs to Target. They always choose college when playing the game of life and also they are just the cutest. I was lucky enough to spend Saturday with them […]

With Alexandra and Jason, their friends knew something was different. The way they talked about each other. The way they looked at each other. There was the normal flutters of a brand new relationship, but still something wasn’t the same as it had been. They were in love. And everyone knew it. When the time was finally […]

When I started in the wedding industry, I didn’t realize that tiny parts of the wedding day can be pretty controversial. On top of that, everyone has their own opinion and there’s conflicting opinions on almost every topic. From who pays the bill to seating charts to how to address your invitations, all sorts of people you’ve […]