Elinor – Rock Bridge High School – Columbia Missouri Senior Portrait Photographer

It’s time for a first ever occurrence on the blog… a double feature! On this post you will find Elinor’s senior portraits. BUT don’t forget to head over the other post to check out her twin brother, Liam, and his senior portraits!

You may not know, but Elinor is my sister-in-law! That makes her Xander’s little sister and someone I am supremely glad to have in my family.

Things I love about Elinor:

She’s crazy smart. 

She’s kinda sassy. 

She’s beautiful on the inside and the out. 

She juggles being a varsity cheerleader, a swimmer, a job in a science lab and so many other activities like it’s a piece of cake. 

She is thoughtful and hardworking. 

She is a good friend. 

I could go on and on about how much I love Elinor, but I bet you came here to see the photos, right? On we go!

We started the day near Union Station in Kansas City and were able to get this great view of the skyline!

Our next stop was the Nelson-Atkins Museum for a look at the modern art. Although that art was no match for Elinor’s beautiful smile.

Some of Elinor’s sass shows through with her signature smirk, so we of course had to capture it. 🙂

We shared a ton of laughs by the giant shuttlecocks… Because we’re only five years old. Elinor’s blue off the shoulder top and white pants looked great against the field of green. The skies threatened rain, but luckily it never did!

Our last stop of the day was in Country Club Plaza. We found a couple of beautiful fountains and Elinor changed into a super cute navy romper that just complimented her and the scenery.

She was serving up serious model vibes!

I also wanted to include some of Elinor’s Varsity Cheer photos that I took a few days earlier. She really pulls off the green and gold! That last one of her laughing is definitely my favorite.

Elinor, thanks so much for letting Xander and I take your senior photos. You were only 11 or 12 when I first met you and now you are an intelligent, strong and amazing adult. I can’t wait to see what amazing things you will do next.

– Madeline



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