Angela + Logan – Capen Park Engagement Session – Columbia Missouri Wedding Photographer

Angela and Logan’s love story started out the way many do… as “just friends.” They met in Columbia through mutual friends. They immediately took a liking to each other (and to debating with one another…) and became fast friends.

Over the next two years, they noticed that something was different. They had so much in common. From their love of nature and adventure to their shared taste in music, it wasn’t long until they went from just friends to something more. They spent their time together, driving through Columbia and grabbing pizza at Shakspeare’s, as every good Columbian does. And soon they fell in love.

Their love story bloomed in their little college town of Columbia, so they thought it only fitting to return for their engagement session. We started the session at Capen Park with a little trek into the woods.

I seriously cannot get over how sweet these two are together. They fall so naturally into each other’s arms and just seem completely content together. After our little foray into the forest, we made our way to the creek below for a great view of the bridge.

Angela has a completely magnetic smile. Just beautiful. When Logan looks at her, he just lights up. It definitely makes my job pretty easy! 🙂

I know I already mentioned how full of adventure these two are, but they didn’t bat an eye when I asked them to adventure down to the creek then lay in the weeds and then climb a bluff. Luckily they both brought appropriate footwear.

We ended our session on top of the bluffs in Capen Rock Park. They took a moment to look out over the gorgeous views, Columbia and their future sprawled ahead of them. And everything was right where it should be.

Can’t wait for their wedding this summer! I know it’s going to be beautiful.