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Maddie – Rock Bridge High School – Columbia Missouri Senior Portrait Photographer

Have I mentioned how much I love senior portraits?

This time it is Maddie on the blog! Maddie is kind, warm, soft spoken and so so sweet. She has a love for fashion, which is why she had THREE different outfits… all adorable by the way! She has a good group of friends and a bright future. I was so so happy that she chose me as her photographer.

We chose the Mizzou campus, downtown Columbia and Capen Rock Park to show off Maddie’s shining personality and her great clothes! Despite the crazy Missouri heat, we had so much fun.

Our first stop was the epic ivy wall! Love this wall in any season.


From the ivy wall, we ventured onto campus and the gorgeous white steps of Jesse Hall. Maddie showed off her legs for days!

I especially love this shot, because her blue eye really pop!

After a little outfit change, we went downtown to check out alleyways, door frames and my favorite mural!

Our last stop was Capen Rock Park. One of my favorite spots. Maddie looked absolutely stunning in her pink dress.

This shot gives me such Little Mermaid vibes!

Can’t believe this gorgeous girl is a senior now. Stay in touch, Maddie! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

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