Tobey – Rock Bridge High School – Columbia Missouri Senior Portrait Photographer

I’m super excited to have Tobey on the blog! This future Mizzou Tiger is super smart and loves the outdoors so it was only natural that we started our session at Rock Bridge State Park. I met Tobey as the Gans Greek Wild Area Trail Head and then things got a little crazy. We hiked through the mud (so glad I didn’t wear my ballet flats) for what seemed like a long time and came upon a gorgeous bluff. Even though I was muddy and sweaty, the trek was totally work it for the view. Great find, Tobey!

Did you know that Tobey is an Eagle Scout? So cool! I did a little research and only four percent of Boy Scouts end up as Eagle Scouts because the process is so strenuous and difficult. No wonder he wasn’t sweating on our hike… He was prepared!

After exploring the area, we came upon a nice little creek. The foliage was so cool that I took out my handy prism and played with all the cool aspects and light in the area. I think it turned out pretty cool!

After our trek back to civilization, we stopped in downtown Columbia for some more photos. We found a bunch of cool alleyways to stop in and make the most of the gorgeous golden hour light.

Towards the end of the session, Tobey was finally achieving male model status. I even asked him to give me his best Blue Steel pose. I think it may have just resulted in laughter, but that’s totally okay with me.

Congratulations on your graduation, Tobey! Enjoy your next adventure… college! With all the quiet dedication you’ve shown through your high school career, I think it’s no question that you’ll do great at Mizzou.