Hope – Columbia MO High School Senior Portrait Photographer

I’ve been so so excited to share these photos from Hope’s senior session and the time is finally here! I was introduced to Hope through her sister, Heather, a friend of mine. I photographed Heather and Alex’s snowy engagement session and had so much fun with them that I knew Hope and I would have fun together.

We started our session in downtown Columbia and found a ton of cool spots in Alley A, in a parklet and of course we had to stop for Sparky’s Ice Cream, a Columbia tradition! Hope chose Mint Chocolate Chip and boy does it look delicious.

After our little trip to Sparky’s we wandered over to the gorgeous mural on Hitt Street. I love the dandelions and though they looked so beautiful with Hope’s coral and blue top.

We then ventured into an alley that at first seemed kind of gross, but then we noticed the beautiful ivy and leafs growing down the walls. While Hope thought she was awkward, she rocked it and had some model moves that even Tyra would be envious of.

Our next stop was the Yellow Dog Bookshop for some light reading on architecture. Hope tells me she’s going to Missouri Science and Technology, so I imagine she has a lot of engineering books in her future! I think her aspiration of being an astronaut is just SO cool.

We also stopped at MiDici’s (one of my FAVE pizza places in Como), which has some gorgeous plants and fairy lights, and the Roof, for a gorgeous view of broadway.

Our last stop was the Mizzou campus and the gorgeous scenery of Mizzou Botanic Garden. The ivy on the Chancellor’s Residence wall made Hope’s eyes pop in the most beautiful way. I’m seriously so jealous of her eyes.

I had such a fun time with Hope, her mom and Heather and am so glad we got to spend the afternoon together. I know you’re going to have a phenomenal time at Missoui S&T, Hope! Don’t forget me when you’re up in space!